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CCP Newsletter February 16, 2022 -
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CCP Newsletter February 16, 2022

February 16, 2022

Game Nights

Unity Hope hosts their own virtual game nights and offered to share what they do and some of the methods they use to host them. Game nights are a great way to connect virtually and build community. Please consider this information and the opportunity to host your own!

Program Spotlight – Painted Brain

Painted Brain (PB) is an innovative peer-run mental health arts and tech organization that uses a peer model focused on recovery. Painted Brain creates lasting community-based solutions to mental health challenges and the impact of social injustice through arts, advocacy, and enterprise. In completing this work they train and employ Peer Support Specialists who work closely with people who have experienced or currently experiencing mental health challenges helping them live full, active, and professional lives. Painted Brain defines “Peer Support Specialist” as a person with lived experience with mental illness or substance abuse and who uses that experience to promote recovery.

Painted Brain’s peer model encompasses a variety of aspects of the workplace environment including human resources, job recruitment and outreach, hiring process, conflict resolution, and a perspective on a workplace culture that supports workers with lived experience. For more information visit their website

Self Care Tip
Be assertive

Stand up for yourself. Ask for what you need tactfully and directly. Remember that you are worthy of respect and consideration.

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