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An Important Weekly Update from Supervisor Foley

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Katrina Foley, Orange County Supervisor
Volume 2 | Issue 5February 4, 2022

Supervisor’s Message

Inspired by the Year of the Tiger

Dear Neighbor:

Katrina Foley

This month, we celebrate the diverse cultures in our community. As the Lunar New Year and Black History Month coincide, we get to learn about the cultural traditions and celebrations for our Asian and Black communities.

Orange County hosts one of the largest Asian communities in the United States. I visited Little Saigon, this week, with Garden Grove Mayor Pro Tem Deidre Thu Ha Nguyen, to shop for a new ai dao and some red envelopes for family and friends. The shopping center buzzed with excitement with many residents buying fruits, flowers, and dresses to wear to local Orange County Lunar New Year celebrations. As we enter the Year of the Tiger, let’s embrace the Tiger’s display of courage, patience, bravery, and strength.

Lunar New year Celebration

Photos from prior UVSA Tet Festival events

I love attending the student organized UVSA Tet Festival at the OC Fair & Event Center. Every year I’m amazed by this all volunteer, student organized event to honor the past and celebrate the future with authentic food, historic booth displays, cultural dances and music, fun rides, the wishing tree, and beautifully colorful dresses. I look forward to seeing friends and meeting the students this weekend. Find more information: Here

Tet festival

For lessons on strength and fortitude, we need to look no further than to the incredible humans that we celebrate throughout Black History month. The list of black Americans that I admire for their leadership, innovation, friendship, and service to our County and country is long. I know that taking time to acknowledge their contributions, as friends and mentors, creates a better tomorrow rich in equality and diversity. On Saturday, we will also participate in the Black History Month parade and host a booth. Our team would love to see you at this cultural fair in Anaheim, where we hand out masks and other items. Find out more: Here

Black History Month Parade

Photo Credit: Bill Alkofer, Contributing Photographer, OC Register

You can watch our Tuesday, February 1, 2022 Board of Supervisors meeting online: Here Or, view our board update: Here. Learn more below about our approved agenda items, my monthly roundtable with local mayors, our Veterans initiatives, upcoming investigative hearings on important health and safety issues, and more in the newsletter below.

 “This week’s meeting with our local mayors allowed them to learn about our work to partner with the cities, to date, and hear from Mayor John Stephens of Costa Mesa and Joe Kalmick of Seal Beach. Both embraced our offer to collaborate, which benefitted their cities. During the discussion, I shared more about County resources for mobile vaccine pop ups and testing, as well as senior meal program grants, I listened to and learned about initiatives and concerns in each new city, and invited collaboration to solve community problems. My priorities remain COVID-19 Relief, Homelessness & Housing, Sustainability & Transportation, Serving our Veterans, Workforce & Economic Development, and Transparency in Governance.”  – Supervisor Katrina Foley

Our Constituent Services Team Managers (CSTM) spent the week supporting local residents with everything from where to find N95 masks & testing, to meeting with local Chamber of Commerce representatives in the new District. They attended ribbon cuttings and also delivered jackets, grocery gift cards, and test kits to seniors and Veterans in need. Our CSTM play an important role in supporting our neighbors and connecting you to the services you need.

If you have a question for our office or need support with a local matter, please call us at (714) 834-3220.

Medley 2021

Last week, we received many emails concerning allegedly rotten food served in our Orange County jails. On Thursday, our team toured the Theo Lacy Jail in Santa Ana and listened to a briefing from the jail chef and nutritionist, as well as others, about how the meals are prepared, selected, and distributed. We saw, in person, the ingredients. They included oatmeal, cereal, Cream of Wheat, hard boiled eggs, milk, 8 varieties of vacuum pack sealed sandwich meats (including a vegan option), fruits like apples and oranges, carrots, cookies, and pretzels.  There were kosher, medical, and/or religious special meals, as well. The jail nutritionist (previously with the OC Health Care Agency for more than 20 years), described the State Title 15 requirements for meal prep and how they are working to limit the sugar and sodium content.

There have been challenges as COVID prevents the opening of the mess hall and gathering of inmate volunteers to assist with meal prep, but the facility was clean and well maintained. We also toured the medical center, transitional age youth module, and the women’s section. We learned about a program that allows inmates to learn how to train dogs that are eventually adopted.


I’m grateful for the whole team at the Sheriff’s Department for taking the time to give us a tour and answer our questions. I am committed to continuing my work on solutions to enhance public safety, as well as promoting reentry into the community and reduced recidivism for those who are incarcerated.

Our team continues to prepare for a Fentanyl Hearing on March 3, 2022. Remember, only 1 pill can kill. I want to do everything possible to stop to fentanyl poisoning and hold accountable those responsible for fentanyl-related deaths. Our goal is to take testimony from a panel of experts and the public, then generate recommendations for public health and safety changes.

Save the Date

Please consider joining Team Foley in ending homelessness in Orange County. Sign up for our Point-in-Time count team and volunteer training. This biennial count is quickly approaching and it provides our County a realistic number of how many local residents are homeless, allowing us to ise our resources wisely. Volunteers are needed and you will help to make a difference in our County: Sign Up Here

PIT Survey

I hope to see you safely around the community.

Chúc mừng năm mới  

Year Tiger

Be well,

Katrina Foley
County of Orange

Do you have a question or comment? Please email us for assistance at

In This Edition

Read more about our Transparency in Governance,
Team Updates,
Health News, and
Community News.

Transparency in Governance

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Supervisor Katrina Foley 12

If you missed our February 1, 2022  Board of Supervisors meeting, watch it Here.
Be sure to tune in at 9:30 a.m. on February 8, 2022 for our next Board Meeting: Here
View our agenda or a list of 2022 Orange Count #BOS meetings: Here

Approved Agenda Items

Agenda Item 3: At the recommendation of the Sheriff Department, our Board terminated the local emergency that was declared in response to the #OCOilSpill. I’m grateful for the work of our partners, across all levels of government & throughout the community, for their work to respond to the crisis. I’m committed to pursuing solutions that prevent future coastal catastrophes from occurring. 

Huntington Beach

Agenda Item 5: The Board approved a retroactive SB 823 grant for the Probation Department to fund the purchase of equipment that enhances the safety of youth & employees at juvenile facilities. I look forward to maximizing public safety, improving outcomes for juveniles, and creating a better future for those who may face early struggles.

Juvenile hall

On Tuesday, February 1, 2022 the County of Orange opened the public comment period for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding. This funding made a big difference in supporting our cities and residents over the last year. The public may submit comments during the FY 2022-23 Budget development process now through March 11, 202.

Submit yours: Here 

County of Orange Press Release ARPA Funding

Monthly Roundtable with the Mayors

PNG Senior

Since being elected to the Board, I’ve made it my mission to ensure that our County’s budget is used wisely and that we make headway that changes lives and benefits our communities. Our efforts are evident in our many city accomplishments. See our Progress Report: Here

Part of that process is talking to our local city officials to find out their needs, concerns, and letting them know about the grants and services that may benefit their city, including their local nonprofits and residents.

Our monthly meeting with the mayors in my District may have moved to the virtual space, in light of the Omicron spread, but is just as informative as ever. If you know of a local senior nutrition program that can use a $20,000 special food grant, encourage them to apply:  Here

Sustainability & Transportation

Alex Rounaghi

Alex Rounaghi, Policy Analyst

Sustainability: Climate Action Plan Update

This week, we continued working on protecting our natural resource and made progress on the County’s first sustainability plan. Supervisor Foley is passionate about combating climate change and I am equally determined to do everything I can to protect our beaches, parks, and open space.

Last year, Supervisor Foley allocated funds from her discretionary budget to hire a consultant who will work with our office and the community to develop a detailed action plan. Stay tuned, as we will be hosting an event on April 22, in honor of Earth Day and intend to present our plan then!

Please reach out to me if you would like to join our Climate Action Advisory Team (CAAT):

Fly Friendly & the John Wayne Important Community Meeting: General Aviation Improvement Program (GAIP) Update


While the Fly Friendly Program is pushing the envelope with an innovative method that will allow the airport to make improvements that reduce noise, we are still hoping for a late February-March launch, barring any delays from the FAA.

On Thursday, February 10 (with 2 time options: 4-5pm or 5-6pm), John Wayne Airport is hosting an important community meeting concerning General Aviation Improvement Program (GAIP) updates. This is a great opportunity for community members to give input to the JWA team. RSVP by February 7, 2022: Here

See the flyer for more details: Here
View the agenda: Here


Resolving Concerns Amicably


Recently, Teamsters have been expressing concerns about their current wages, not having enough breaks, and being impacted by COVID. My thoughts on the issue are as follows

Recently, Teamsters have been expressing concerns about their current wages, not having enough breaks, and being impacted by COVID. My thoughts on the issue are as follows:

“I care about ensuring that our bus drivers earn a living wage and that their working conditions are safe and healthy.  I’m equally committed to preventing any interruption in bus service for the nearly 30,000 residents, many of whom are in District 2, who depend on public transportation for school, work, groceries, and medical appointments. I will continue to work with the parties to try and find satisfactory solutions to avoid any interruptions in our bus service.” – Supervisor Katrina Foley 

Orange County Transportation Agency’s work to have zero emissions plug-in battery-electric buses, assesments that study a new rail station south of the existing Laguna Niguel Metrolink Station, and  free rides to youth (along with Coastline College students receiving discounted bus passes) is important and valued. However, I also value the hard work of our Coach operators.

Get involved! Watch the next OCTA Board meeting: Here 
Click Here for a Free Youth Ride Pass.

Bus Youth Ride Free

Team Foley In The News This Week



  • Orange County Supervisors Approve New District Maps:
    Patch“I don’t think we have jurisdiction or authority of law over this matter,” Foley said. “I also think it’s a slippery slope when we start weighing in. Are we going to weigh in on how every city and special district creates their map?… To me, this really feels like politics, so I’ll be voting no.” – Supervisor Katrina Foley
  • Orange County Officials Pledge to Fight the ‘Fentanyl Epidemic’ Amid Rising Deaths:
    The Epoch Times
  • Don’t Be Fooled By Fake COVID Test Scammers. Here’s What to Avoid
    LA Times
    “While we have not heard any direct reports of fake pop-up sites, I encourage anyone with concerns to contact our office to verify the location and report any suspected fraud to local authorities.” – Supervisor Katrina Foley
  • The Groundbreaking Sober Living Registry That Wasn’t
    OC Registry
    “Improved coordination and transparency would help law enforcement and the Insurance Commissioner enforce the law against unscrupulous operators. These objectives could be advanced through a revised county registry, a model city ordinance, or another policy initiative. All options are on the table.” – Supervisor Katrina Foley
  • People Deserve Better Public Engagement on COVID Data to Confont Omicron Surge

    Voice of OC
    “My office was calling for testing in early December, before anyone else – and handed 10,000 test kits in December and nearly 1,500 already so far in January. We led the charge on John Wayne airport testing and keeping clinics going – including our in-person presser at the Costa Mesa senior center.” – Supervisor Katrina Foley
  • New County Supervisor Voting Map Gives Stronger Voice to OC’s Latino Community
    Voice of OC
  • Country Trying to Staff Hundreds of Empty Jobs in OC Health Care Agency
    OC Register
  • Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley Announces 40 Hours of COVID-19 Emergency SIck Leave for County Employees
    OC Breeze

Press Releases

Press Release

“As a strong advocate for earn and learn apprenticeship programs, I want to expand programs that provide an opportunity to learn a trade and start on a path toward middle class stability. Apprenticeships benefit our communities by creating a better trained and skilled workforce, thereby increasing company revenue and worker satisfaction. These programs are structured, successful, and motivate apprentices and businesses for success.” – OC Supervisor Katrina Foley

Manuel Chavez

Manuel Chavez

Constituent Services Manager

Please reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns:

Representing Garden Grove and Santa Ana.

Helping Youth & Getting Every Community Vaccinated

Wilson Street Learning Center

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of delivering boxes of masks and children’s coats to the Wilson Street Learning Center in Westside Costa Mesa. The Wilson Street Learning Center is an incredible center that provides the students in its program with tutoring and other extracurricular activities. We are happy to provide them with these resources!

Throughout the week, I received calls from Veterans about our grocery store gift cards and how to apply. I also received a call from a Santa Ana constituent interested in seeing a pedestrian fence on a path that leads to the Santa Ana River, near Edinger Ave. She wants such a project to beautify the area and prevent dumping of trash. We are looking into possibilities and solutions for her concerns.

On Thursday, I helped to set up the Vaccine Clinic at Orange Coast College, so we could give out free test kits to our Orange County residents. You can find more clinics: Here

Supervisor Foley is working with council members across all of our new District 2 cities to bring our Orange County Vaccine Clinics to the zip codes with the lowest vaccination rates. Our goal is to make it easy for anyone who wants to get vaccinated to be able to do so, conveniently and efficiently.

As always, if you need assistance please call our office at (714) 834-3220 or email me directly at

Kalvin Headshot

Kalvin Alvarez

Constituent Services Manager

Please reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns:

Representing Anaheim, Orange, Tustin, Animal Services.


Exploring and becoming acquainted with the new District has been a lot of fun! This week, I met with members of the Orange Chamber of Commerce (one of Orange County’s oldest chambers of commerce) and the Tustin Community Foundation. Learning about these two incredible organizations and their needs has been a joy for me, and I’m looking forward to strengthening our partnership throughout the year and exploring more of District 2.

The Orange Chamber of Commerce and the Tustin Community Foundation asked me to share the following upcoming community events:

Orange May Parade
May 7, 2022 at 10am
Click Here for more info.


Tustin’s Paper Football VII Super Bowl
Saturday, March 26, 2022 Kick-Off 9:00 am
Click Here for more info.

Paper football challenge

Commissioner Update

New Developments to Assist Small Businesses!

Mike Daniel – OC Workforce Development Board Commissioner

The Orange County Workforce Development Board is working on several new items that will all assist County small businesses. The first program is a new COVID-19 Relief Grant that will allow small businesses (that did not receive the California Small Business relief Grant) with the opportunity to receive a $2,500 grant from the County. Qualified businesses are those that were open in 2019 and had total gross revenue of less than $50,000 and fewer than five FTE. The application will go live in the middle of February and will be open for approximately one month.  The full requirements and application should be accessible through the County’s Workforce Development Board website.

For County businesses that are looking to hire new employees, the Workforce Development Board has several programs that can find and subsidize their employment.  On the Job Training (OJT) will reimburse employers for employee training of anywhere from 50-90% for 12-16 weeks.  OJT is for new hires.

If you are interested in participating in the OJT program, please complete the Employer Pre-Screening Application and submit to

The County WDB also has customized training and Incumbent Worker Training, if you business is looking to upskill your team. The training is subsidized at up to 100% and can be accessed at the County’s WDB website.

Finally, for businesses that need assistance with their HR, the County has rolled out a free small business HR Hotline.  The hotline can be accessed in multiple languages and covers areas such as unemployment insurance, COVID-19 employee issues, employee discipline, harassment prevention and more. The number for the HR hotline is (888) 589-7577. As you can see, the county has several programs that can assist your business with surviving and growing through the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Mike Daniel

Veterans Advisory Committee

Stephanie Wade, District Director and Policy Advisor

Stephanie Wade Bio

Stephanie Wade here! As Vice Chair of the Orange County Veterans Advisory Committee and Supervisor Foley’s District Director, I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the latest initiatives that we are working on in support of Veterans, as well as our former Afghan Allies.

This week we were able to give out $1,700 in Federal food aid for qualifying Veterans. The funds were part of Supervisor Foley’s American Rescue Plan budget and mailed directly to Veterans in the form of a gift card to a local grocery stores. We also had the chance to work with 4 of our partners on an emergency plan for a 74-year-old Army veteran who had been living out of his car. He was desparately in need of emergency shelter and I’d like to thank Pete Sietze of the Association of the US Army, along with Cory Vigil, and the American Legions Post 291 in Newport Beach, as well as the American Legions Post 555 in Huntinton Beach. Together, we worked to pay for a three week hotel stay. We are in direct contact with the County’s Director of Care Coordination who is expediting his case with the VA, so that we can get him out of that hotel and into a permanent home!


Finally, I want to talk about how we are trying to help Afghan refugees and the post-911 Veterans who have been so troubled by the plight of our former Afghan and Iraqi allies. This week, our office helped a local college President and her staff connect with County, State, Federal and nonprofit agencies that are building a support plan to help a young Afghan man avoid Taliban retaliation and get a student visa to study here in Orange County.

The plight of this young man—who fears Taliban retaliation for his family’s support of Western organizations—has been a priority for Supervisor Foley. She has met with UPLIFT Charity, the Orange County nonprofit that is contracted with the federal government to resettle Afghan allies in Orange County and has met with several of the families that recently arrived. She’s also encouraged me to work on a County Welcome Home Event for Post-9-11 Veterans, who never got a ticker-tape parade and felt a deep wound watching so many Afghan allies get left behind. I’m proud to say that our County’s Veterans Advisory Committee has taken up this idea and will be making recommendations for the proposed Welcome Home Event. This will be discussed at our Wednedsay, February 9, 2022 12 p.m. teleconfernce (Zoom) meeting. If you are a post-9-11 veteran or simply someone who cares about these issues, then I hope you join the event and share your thoughts and suggestions.

Zoom Link to attend: Here
Webinar ID: 812 1006 4168
To learn more about the Committee, go to:

Health Updates

Keep Doing The Things That Keep Your Family & County Safe

“So many of us are vaccinated … but now is the time to also get boosted. I am so glad that we have so many resources in Orange County and access to safe, free vaccines and testing.” – Supervisor Katrina Foley

Fullly Vaccinated

COVID CASES: The case positivity rate for Omicron is declining, but the COVID variant is still highly contagious and a sublineage of the Omicron variant has been detected in California. The 7-day average positivity rate in our County is 14.1%.

BOOSTER SHOTS: Only 41.1% of our 2,399,059 fully vaccinated residents have received their booster. This is a great time to remind friends and family to get boosted … or get boosted yourself!

Test Kit

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is now FDA-approved for people ages 18+ and will be marketed as SpikeVax. Pfizer vaccine was previously FDA-approved for people ages 16+ and is being marketed as Comirnaty for the same population. Pfizer remains emergency use authorized for children & youth ages 5-15.

Good hygenine helps, whether you’re trying to avoid the cold, flu, or the recent surge. Follow these great tips:

COVID AVoid Touching Face

Vaccine Clinics & Testing Sites

Our office distributed over 12,000 test kits since last year. The John Wayne Airport has distributed 34,469 test kits to travelers and residents. 22,160 test kits have been dispersed at vaccine PODS in Orange County.

You’re Vaccinated … But Are you Boosted?

Michele Mullen

The Orange Coast College COVID Vaccine Clinic is running efficiently and effectively in administering the vaccinations. However, in the past week, we aren’t seeing as many patients a we did at the height of the Omicron surge.

According to recent data and the data shared (above) in regards to our County, there are many individuals that still need to have their COVID booster. If you are one of them, please get boosted! Also, be aware that some COVID-19 tests may not be FDA-authorized, which may lead to higher risk of false results.

Authorized at-home test kits are available here: and

You can also find onsite testing options at: or

While the seriousness of COVID continues, I am grateful to give back to the health and safety of our communities with test kit distribution.

Donated at COVID Vaccine Clinic

A throwback pick to Miguel Jr. donating burritos to our County’s essential workers!

Helpful Links…

  • Medicare Opens Up Up Access to Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests: Here
  • District 2 & Orange County Vaccine Clinics: Here
  • Use a testing site locator: Here
  • Get 4 free test kit for your household through the U.S. Federal Government: Here
  • Orange County residents can also order a free self-collection PCR test kit: Here
  • To view the vaccination rates, per city, go Here 
  • Not sure what to do if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19? Find out the difference between isolation & quarantine: Here


Community Updates

Clerk-Recorder to Offer Extended Valentine’s Day Hours


Photo Credit:, 2022

This Valentine’s Day, Supervisor Foley will be officiating marriage ceremonies on behalf of the OC Clerk-Recorder office. Tie the the knot on the most romantic day of the year with extended hours at the Anaheim, Laguna Hills and at the Old County Courthouse in Santa Ana locations (through 5 p.m.).

Complete an application and/or make an appointment: Here
Walkins welcome but an appointment is recommended.

For more information, call (714) 834-2500 or visit

South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa

There is still time to stop by South Coast Plaza and enjoy their beautiful Lunar New Year Display. Additionally, restaurants will celebrate the Year of the Tiger with special dishes, including Asian favorites such as Din Tai Fung. AnQi Bistro will offer their crowd-pleasing menus, while Knife Pleat and Water Grill will commemorate the holiday with symbolic dishes, find out more details: Here

Lunar New Year

Pet of the Week


Pet of the Week: Fiona Animal ID: A1745922

Fiona is a beautiful 1-year-old pit bull who has had a rough start to her life. Fiona was found roaming the streets as a stray, with severe injuries that were consistent with being attacked by another dog. Upon arrival to OC Animal Care, Fiona was quickly treated by the veterinary staff and was given the time and (much-needed) TLC to heal.

Fiona has blossomed since her injury and quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite! She is sweet with expressive eyes, and will always ask for a belly rub (also known as her favorite thing in the world)!

She never passes up a treat but, if given the choice, she would choose quality time with her human friends over eating a bowl full of cookies! Due to Fiona’s past, we believe she will do best in a home where she can be the only pet.

Set up an adoption appointment

Think Fiona would be a good fit for your family? Call (714) 935-6848 to set up an adoption appointment today! (Animal ID: A1745922)

Hall of Administration, Santa Ana

For those visiting the Hall of Administrations:

The Promenade closure has been continued to May 2022, due to the continued ongoing construction of the County Administration North building. See a map, below:

Hall of Map

OC Waste & Recycling

New recycling standards are rolling out as part of SB 1383, a law requiring residents and businesses to separate food and yard waste from the main trash bin. Keep these tips in mind:

➡ Food waste like fruit, vegetables, coffee filters, egg shells and more are considered organics

➡ Check with your local hauler for details on what qualifies as organics and can go in your green bin, specifics vary by area

➡ More info can be found: Here

Waste and Recycling

Job Opportunities

Committee Appointments

At our January 25, 2022 Board of Supervisors meeting, I was appointed to the following Committees. I am committed to innovative solutions and will work hard alongside my colleagues throughout the coming year. If you have questions or comments that you’d like to share in relation to the committees below, please email me at

  • CalOptima
  • Emergency Management Council
  • First 5 Orange County, Children & Families Commission
  • Law Library Board of Trustees
  • Newport Bay Watershed Executive Committee
  • One Water, One Watershed
  • Orange County Community Corrections Partnership
  • Orange County Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council
  • Orange County Transportation Authority
  • Santa Ana River Flood Control Protection Agency
  • South Orange County Watershed Management Area Executive Committee
  • Southern California Association of Governments

Thank you, from Team Foley

Team Photo 2

Thank you for being an active member in your community.

Please share this newsletter with family and friends!

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