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Our mission is to provide direct support, advocate for wellness, and ensure that every voice is heard and valued in shaping a compassionate and inclusive behavioral health landscape.

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Is To Transform The Behavioral Health System

Peer Voices of Orange County (PVOC) is committed to nurturing a collaborative and empowered network of peers, inclusive of community health workers, with lived experience in behavioral health care. Emphasizing the synergies of SB 803’s peer support system, we aim to elevate and integrate the unique voices of peers and community health workers through certification and engagement in all facets of the behavioral health system. Our mission is to offer direct support, champion the wellness of our community, and ensure that every voice, especially those on the front lines, is instrumental in forging a compassionate and holistic approach to behavioral health.

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Inmate support services


Build a network of support for peers in Orange County.


Connect peers to support groups, programs, and training.


Advocate on behalf of Orange County Peers or support through a donation.


Our Goal is to create a collaborative movement that unites all people and voices in the behavioral healthcare arena.

We provide and promote an empowered and informed voice of, by, and for peers with lived experience in the behavioral health care system and in the community.

We are a powerful resource for peers navigating the justice system, and we advocate wellness and recovery in the workplace. Our crisis counseling team serves approximately 120 individuals per month, while our employment retention and support services reach approximately 60 individuals per month.

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Peer Voices of Orange County now Peer Voices United takes pride in supporting the community and providing opportunities for peer expansion across all aspects of the Behavioral Health System and Justice Intervention System to benefit the community as a whole.

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